अज़रबैज़ान और अर्मेनिया की फ़ौजों में टकराव, अज़रबैज़ान के तीन सैनिकों की मौत : वीडियो

एक बार फिर से अज़रबैज़ान और अर्मेनिया की फौजों में टकराव की खबरें आ रही हैं, जानकारी के मुताबिक आज के टकराव में दोनों तरफ से जानी नुक्सान की भी खबरें हैं, यहाँ कुछ ट्वीट्स हैं देखें


Breaking: #Azerbaijani army which recently placed new positions near Tegh village of #Armenia opened fire in the direction Armenian servicemen doing engineering works. Armenian army took retaliatory actions.

According to preliminary information there are wounded from both sides.

Taleh Mansurov
As a result of #Armenia’s terrorist policy, Azerbaijan’s sovereign territories were attacked and an #Azerbaijani soldier was martyred. The world should take measures against Armenia’s #terrorist policy.

According to preliminary data Armenian side has 3 killed, #Azerbaijani side 4. The skirmishes continue near Tegh community, #Armenia.

Caliber English
🇦🇿🇦🇲 Three servicemen of the #Azerbaijani army were martyred today while suppressing #Armenia’s provocation. #RIP to heroes

Zaid Ahmd 
BREAKING 🇦🇲 : Clashes reported between #Armenian and #Azerbaijani soldiers near the Armenian village of Tegh.
Armenian sources claim that Azeri forces opened fire. Casualties reported.

Zaid Ahmd 
BREAKING 🇦🇲🇦🇿 : #Armenian sources claims that #Azerbaijan is shelling Armenian positions with artillery

Vugar Bayramov
Pray for God’s mercy to #Azerbaijani #soldiers Vidadi Zalov, Elshad Hasanov and Sabuhi Taghiyev, who died while preventing another provocation by the #Armenian #ArmedForces , and offer our deepest condolences to their families.

May #God have mercy on all our martyrs.

Firefights reported near the Lachin Corridor between #Azerbaijani and #Armenian troops


Three #Azerbaijani soldiers were killed on Tuesday during an attack by #Armenian forces in the Lachin district of the East Zangezur region.