अभी-अभी : अज़रबैज़ान और अर्मेनिया की सेनाओं में भयानक जंग शुरू : वीडियो


अज़रबैज़ान और अर्मेनिया के बीच दो साल पहले निगोरो-काराबाख के इलाके को लेकर बड़ी जंग हुई थी, जिसमे अज़रबैज़ान ने अर्मेनिया से करबाख पर अपना क़ब्ज़ा जमा लिया था, उस समय जंग में अज़रबैज़ान की मदद तुर्की और पाकिस्तान की सेना ने की थी, तब से इन दोनों देशों के बीच वक़्त-वक़्त पर झड़पें होती आ रही हैं, रिपोर्ट के मुताबिक एक बार फिर से अज़रबैज़ान और अर्मेनिया की सेनाओं में भयानक झड़प शुरू हो गयी है

Conflict News
BREAKING: Reports of heavy clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan this evening. Both MoDs confirm fighting in several locations.

Global: MilitaryInfo
Reports of clashes between Azerbaijan and Armenia. Azerbaijan has reportedly started intense artillery barrages against targets within Armenia.

Neil Hauer
❗️Military units of Azerbaijan have opened fire with artillery and drones on Armenia. This takes place on the internationally recognized territory of Armenia itself, outside of disputed Karabakh. A major escalation by Baku.

Tigran Grigoryan
Azerbaijani armed forces allegedly shelling the town of Jermuk.

Large clashes broke out between Armenian and Azerbaijani forces along the border between the two countries on Monday night, according to Azerbaijani and Armenian Defense Ministries.

Azerbaijani artillery and UAVs reportedly targeted sites in Vardenis, Goris, Sotk and Jermuk in eastern Armenia.

The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry claimed that Armenian forces carried out “large-scale sabotage” towards Dashkasan, Kalbajar and Lachin, including mining certain areas. Casualties and material damage have been reported by the Azerbaijani side although exact details are as of yet unclear.

The Armenian Defense Ministry stated that Azerbaijani forces fired intensively with artillery fire and UAVs on Armenian forces in the Goris, Sotk and Jermuk areas.

In August, two soldiers from the defense force of the de-facto Artsakh Republic was killed and 14 others were injured in strikes by Azerbaijani forces in the north-western part of the Nagorno-Karabakh region.

Azerbaijani-Armenian conflict
The Republic of Artsakh is a de facto republic internationally recognized as part of Azerbaijan. In 2020, the area where the republic is situated was recaptured by Azerbaijan.

Meanwhile, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry claimed that Armenian militants fired at Azerbaijani positions in the Lachin district at the time, killing one Azerbaijani soldier.

The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry announced then that it had carried out an operation titled “Revenge” against a number of groups of Armenian forces in the region. The ministry additionally claimed that “Armenian armed groups” tried to seize the Kyrghgiz hill and establish new combat positions there.

Later in August, Azerbaijani forces entered Lachin, replacing Russian peacekeepers who were stationed there.

روني الدنماركي

Azerbaijan is a key ally of Ukraine and a vital energy supplier for the entire European Union.

This level of political momentum & support serves in Azerbaijan’s genocidal favour. With Turkish weapons, Israeli drones and NATO technology, Azerbaijan is now attacking Armenia.

Russians With Attitude

Russian military base in Gyumri, Armenia apparently put on high alert after latest escalation between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Not the best time for a second front tbh.