अभी-अभी : इस्राईली वायुसेना के हमलों के बाद, पश्चिमी सीरिया के #Masyaf और #Tartous के पास तेज़ धमाके : वीडियो

Sarwar 🌐

Another area in Masyaf, Syria was targeted by reported Israeli airstrikes a short time ago.

Sarwar 🌐
#Israel reported being striking targets in central

Syrian media reports loud explosions heard near #Masyaf & #Tartous, in Western Syria. State media reports that its air defense systems are engaging targets over Masyaf.

ournalist Steven Sahiounie
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Explosions are still going on with massive fires in the city of Msyaf, Syria after a massive Israeli aggression on the city.

خالد اسكيف
Syrian air defenses repel hostile targets in the vicinity of #Masyaf and #Tartus.

Israel War Room
The strikes extended to #Masyaf, likely targeting the Syrian Scientific Studies and Research Center – which the Assad regime and Iranian terrorist groups use to manufacture chemical weapons.

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🚨#UPDATE: Explosions continue in the #Masyaf area tonight after reported #Israeli airstirkes.

Ibrahim Muhammad
One of the #Zionist missiles managed to escape the air defenses and hit its target in #Masyaf vicinity

Alaa Ebrahim
Eyewitness video of tonight #Israel air raids on #Syria ; 2 raids one on #Masyaf central #Syria& #Tartous near coastal area …
Air raids seem to become more frequent& destructive in recent months