अभी-अभी : इस्राईल ने सीरिया की राजधानी पर मिसाइलों से हमला किया, कई मिसाइलों को सीरिया की सेना ने मार गिराया : लाईव वीडियो देखें

रूस और यूक्रेन की जंग के बीच इस्राइल ने सीरिया के अंदर पिछले कई दिनों से मिसाईलों के हमले जारी रखे हुए हैं, सीरिया की तरफ से हज़ारों लड़ाके रूस की तरफ से जंग लड़ने के लिए रूस पहुँच गए हैं, वहीँ ईरान के ड्रोन विमानों ने यूक्रेन के तमाम शहरों में भारी तबाही मचा दी है, इस्राईल सीरिया के अंदर ईरान के सैनिक ठिकानों को आधार बना कर ये हमले करता है, जानकारी के मुताबिक इस वक़्त इस्राईल के लड़को विमानों ने सीरिया की राजधानी को टारगेट कर मिसाइलों से हमला किया है, इन मिसाइलों में से कई को सीरिया की सेना ने मार गिराया है


BREAKING: Israel is bombing Syria’s Damascus yet again.

This is the third unprovoked Israeli aggression against Syria in less than a week.

Where is the global outrage? Where are the calls for sanctions?

Loud explosions all over Damascus
Very very powerful

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Breaking News: Syrian Air Defenses are responding to Israeli missiles in the skies and surroundings of Damascus, yet again

Moshe Schwartz

#BREAKING: Suspected IAF airstrikes reported over Damascus, Syria. Air defenses reportedly engaging targets.

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On the day Assad offers to send his troops to help Russia fight in Ukraine “Israel” carried out new attacks in Damascus and like every other time Assad Iran and Russia won’t fire even so much as a missile in response. Pathetic contemptible and embarrassing.

टाइम्स ऑफ़ इस्राईल की लेटेस्ट रिपोर्ट देखें

Israeli airstrikes said to target Damascus for third time in days

Syrian defense ministry says damage caused to some sites around capital, following rare daytime raid Monday and Friday night attack


Israeli missiles targeted Syria and damaged sites near the capital early Thursday in the third alleged strike in under a week, Damascus said.

Syria blamed Israel for airstrikes at about 12:30 a.m., according to a defense ministry statement carried by state media.

The statement said several areas near Damascus were targeted, causing damage to unspecified sites. There were no reports of casualties.

Air defenses managed to shoot down some missiles, the ministry said.

The official SANA news agency said blasts could be heard around the capital.

The IDF says it also attacks arms shipments believed to be bound for those groups, chief among them Lebanon’s Hezbollah. Additionally, airstrikes attributed to Israel have repeatedly targeted Syrian air defense systems.

The last several days have seen several attacks on the Syrian capital, breaking a month-long lull.

On Monday, SANA said a rare daytime Israeli strike injured a Syrian soldier and on Friday night, the broadcaster said Israeli missiles targeted the capital.

Israeli strikes have continued in Syrian airspace, which is largely controlled by Russia, even as Jerusalem’s ties with Moscow have deteriorated in recent months. Israel has found itself at odds with Russia as it has increasingly supported Ukraine while seeking to maintain freedom of movement in Syria’s skies.

Reports in recent months indicated that Russia had removed its advanced S-300 air defense battery out of Syria to bolster its efforts against Ukraine.

In June, Israeli airstrikes put Damascus airport out of service for nearly two weeks. A pair of sorties targeting the Aleppo airport in early September also forced that facility to shut down.

The alleged strikes came as Israel’s military holds a weeklong drill across the country’s north.

The recent rare lull in strikes coincided with high-stakes negotiations to settle a longstanding maritime dispute between Israel and Lebanon that ended in an agreement earlier this month. A brief hiccup in the talks had briefly raised tensions along the northern frontier with Lebanon-based Hezbollah.

The deal is set to be finalized Thursday afternoon.