अभी-अभी : तुर्की की राजधानी इस्ताम्बुल में एक कार में ज़ोरदार ब्लास्ट हुआ : लाईव वीडियो

दो दिन पहले ही तुर्की की राजधानी इस्ताम्बुल में एक महिला आतंकी ने धमाका किया था जिसमे 6 लोगों की मौत हो गयी थी और 65 लोग ज़ख़्मी हुए थे, जानकारी के मुताबिक अब से कुछ देर पहले आज फिर इस्ताम्बुल में एक कार में ब्लास्ट हुआ है, किसी तरह के नुक्सान की अभी कोई खबर नहीं मिली है

Sarwar 🌐

Car explosion reported in Istanbul days after terror attack

A car explosion was reported in #Istanbul just days after a terror attack in the Turkish city.

According to media reports, it is still unclear what caused the explosion & if it was terror-related.
#Türkiye #Breaking

Sarwar 🌐
According to media reports, one vehicle exploded & then the fire spread to at least 2 more cars parked nearby.

▪️The car fire in Istanbul’s #Fatih has been extinguished.

Sarwar 🌐

⚡️ Eyewitnesses report a powerful explosion in Istanbul, a car in the #Fatih area was blown up

▪️Reports of car explosion n #Istanbul

Filipp 🇺🇸
Another explosion in #Istanbul, they are probably looking to blame the Kurds in order to provide #Finland and #Sweden a chance to negotiate their
membership with #Turkey. If this is correct, the responsible for these terrorist attacks might be either Turkey or NATO itself.