जो काम 57 मुस्लिम देश नहीं कर पाये वो काम अकेले एक इस्लाम की शेरनी “अदिला हाशिम” ने कर दिया : वीडियो

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जो काम 57 मुस्लिम देश नहीं कर पाये वो काम अकेले एक इस्लाम की शेरनी ने कर दिया
गाज़ा के मज़लूमों का मुकद्दमा लड़ने वाली यह बहादुर खातून कानून से डॉक्टरेट ” अदिला हाशिम ” हैं …. इन का ताल्लुक अफ्रीका के डरबन शहर से है
2003 में जोहान्सबर्ग बार एशोसिएशन की रुक्न बनी , उसके बाद कई बड़े बड़े केस लड़े और जीत के एवज़ कानूनी शोबे में बेहद मशहूर हुईं ।
इस वक़्त फिर भरपूर तैयारी और बेहतरीन दलाएल के साथ इज़राइल के वॉर क्राइम्स इरतक़ाब का पूरी मज़बूती से मुक़द्दमा लड़ रही हैं… अल्लाह फ़तह नसीब करे आमीन ✍️


Adila Hashim, the South African lawyer who presented her historic case against Israel at the International Court of Justice. Your name will be written in gold, Adela.

Adila Hashim: South Africa’s Shining Beacon in the Night, Champion of Justice and Right!

Her journey as a lawyer is a torch of hope:

Prominent Legal Advocate: Adila, also known as Adela, has garnered international attention for her role in South Africa’s legal team, particularly in their landmark judicial action against the State of Israel at the International Court of Justice.

Global Media Presence: Her powerful arguments, accusing Israel of committing “acts of genocide” in the Gaza Strip, were broadcast worldwide, drawing significant media attention.

Champion of Human Rights: Adila’s strong statements at the International Court highlighted the severe impact of warfare on Palestinian civilians, emphasizing the risks of death, famine, and disease due to the conflict.

Unique Team Position: As the only Muslim member of the South African legal team and a native of Durban, Adila’s diverse background enriches her perspectives and approach to law.

Social Justice Reformer: Co-founding the non-profit legal center “Section 27” in 2010, Adila has been a formidable force in advocating for public interest litigation, particularly focusing on healthcare and education for marginalized groups.

Academic Excellence: Adila’s educational background is impressive – a Bachelor’s degree in Arts and Law, a Master’s degree in Law, and a Doctorate in Judicial Sciences, reflecting her deep and comprehensive legal knowledge.

Respected Legal Expert: Since her admission to the Johannesburg Society of Advocates in 2003, she has become a renowned expert in constitutional, administrative, health, and competition law.

Judicial Influence: Her experience extends to appearing in several high courts and the Constitutional Court of South Africa, even serving as a temporary judge.

Advocacy for Palestinian Rights: Adila has been a vocal advocate for Palestinian rights since the 1990s, particularly after the Hebron massacre, and has compared the racial segregation in Palestine to the apartheid in South Africa.

International Activism: Her participation in the “Open Shuhada Street” campaign in 2014, which opposes settlement activities in Hebron, exemplifies her dedication to international human rights issues.

During her argument, Adila Hashim stated, “South Africa affirms that Israel has violated Article II of the Genocide Convention, through actions that demonstrate an organized pattern of behavior from which genocide can be inferred.” She continued, “Palestinians in Gaza are being killed by Israeli weapons and bombs from air, land, and sea. They are also at direct risk of death due to famine and disease, due to the destruction of Palestinian cities, the limitations on aid allowed to enter, and the impossibility of distributing aid amidst the bombing.” She added, “This makes life impossible.”