पक्षिम ने फैलाई रमज़ान कादरियोव की मौत की झूठी ख़बर, रमज़ान कादरियोव ने जारी किया अपना वीडियो!

रूस और यूक्रेन की जंग के बीच सोशल मीडिया पर ऐसी अनेक पोस्ट वॉयरल हो रही हैं जिनमे दावा किया गया है कि चैचनियां के राष्ट्रपति रमज़ान कादरियोव की मौत हो गयी है, इन वॉयरल पोस्ट पर एक वीडियो रमज़ान कादरियोव की तरफ से पोस्ट कर खुद के ज़िंदा होने की बात कही गयी है, बता दें कि रमज़ान कादरियोव पुतिन के सबसे भरोसेमंद कमांडर हैं, इनके 30 हज़ार सैनिक यूक्रेन के बखमुत और ज़ेपोरीज़िया में तैनात हैं, यूक्रेन जंग में पहले दिन से ही रमज़ान कादरियोव की सेना रूस के साथ मिलकर यूक्रेन से लड़ रही है, खारकीव, मरियोपोल, सुमी समेत कई मोर्चे इसकी सेना ने फ़तेह किये हैं

Ramzan Kadyrov is dead!!!

Leader of Chechnya Kadyrov has died:
helicopters from the Kremlin are flying
to the hospital – SMP
Chechen elite are being allowed into the hospital building without inspection.

Chechnya’s leader, Ramzan Kadyrov, allegedly passed away in the evening on September 17, after being in a coma. Prior to this, his press service attempted to deceive the media with videos of his
morning run.

This is Chingizkhan Khatsiev.

A relative of Ramzan Kadyrov on his mothers side.

For some unknown reason, this man is allowed to travel safely to the United States to spend his blood money.

No relative of Kadyrov should ever be allowed to live in the US.

Especially not now.

I am sure the people of Florida do not want the relatives of criminal dictators living among them, spending the blood money his relative has stolen from Chechnya, Ukraine and everywhere else he has sent his Kadyrovite boot lickers to murder and loot.

War in Ukraine 🍉
#UkraineWar #Ukraine #Russia
On September 16 at 22:00 Moscow time, according to several media reports, the head of Chechnya, Ramzan #Kadyrov presumably died. It was previously reported that he was in a coma. Information about the possible death of the head of #Chechnya was published by the http://online.ua portal with reference to internal sources and the Visegrád 24 Twitter account with reference to “rumors in telegram channels.” There has been no official confirmation from the authorities yet

James Porrazzo
KADYROV Walking in the Rain Joking About KYIV Propaganda 🇷🇺

The Zelensky Occupied Government in Ukraine has written off Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov too quickly.

He makes jokes about his premature death announcement while walking in the “invigorating” rain.

“What do we tell the God of Death?”

“Not TODAY!”

Be True to Yourself! 💪