हाजी उमर रियोची मिटा ने 1972 में पहली बार जापानी भाषा मे कुरान का अनुवाद किया था✊

रियोची मिटा का जन्म 19 दिसंबर 1892, यामागुची, जापान के एक सुमुरई ख़ानदान मे हुआ.. यामागुची कामर्शयल कॉलेज से ग्रेजुएशन करने के बाद चीन चले गए.. और वहीं उन्हे इस्लाम के बारे मे जानने को मिला और उन्होने 1920 मे एक लेख “चीन मे इस्लाम” के नाम से जापानी मैगज़ीन मे लिखा.. 1921 मे इनकी मुलाक़ात उमर यमाओका से हुई जो के पहले जापानी थे जिन्होने हज किया था… रियोची मिटा ने हाजी उमर से इस्लाम के बारे मे जाना और आख़िरकार 1941 मे इस्लाम क़बुल कर मुसलमान बन गए … और अपना नाम हाजी उमर रियोची मिटा रखा…

हाजी उमर रियोची मिटा को जापानी ज़ुबान मे क़ुरान की ज़रुरत महसुस होने लगी.. तब उन्होने 69 साल के उमर मे जापानी ज़ुबान मे क़ुरान लिखने की ठानी और बिमार होते हुए भी मक्का गए ताके आलिम और स्कौलर से म्ल सकें.. और उनसे जानकारी इकट्ठी कर सके.. पुरे 12 साल की मेहनत के बाद 10 जुन 1972 को जापानी ज़ुबान मे पहला क़ुरान शाए हुआ…

82 साल की उम्र मे हाजी उमर रियोची मिटा की मृत्यु 29 मई 1976 को हुई..

Haji Umar Ryoichi Mita. The first Muslim translated Qur’an to Japanese language.
Ryoichi Mita was born on 19 December 1892 in a samurai family in Yamaguchi, Japan, and graduated from the Yamaguchi Commercial College then he went to China where he made his first contact with Islam. Ryoichi became highly impressed by the lifestyle of the Muslims. In 1920, he wrote an article on “lslam in China” in a Japanese magazine. In 1921, Mita met with Haji Yamaoka (the first Japanese Muslim to perform Hajj in 1909) to learn more about Islam, but Mita embraced Islam formally in 1941, received the name of umar and decided to engage heart and soul for Islam.

Three Japanese translations of Quran were published in 1920, 1937 and 1950. A fourth translation from the original Arabic was published in 1957. But all of these Japanese translations were rendered by non-Muslim Japanese scholars and obviously they lacked the Islamic stand-point. Moreover, the three previous ones were translated from English or other languages and more or less contained un-Islamic bias or absence of fairness. Therefore, Haji Umar Mita felt the need for a Japanese meaning of the Holy Quran prepared by a Japanese Muslim and from the original Arabic text. There was no other better person than Haji Umar Mita himself to undertake such a stupendous job. So he made up his mind to do the work himself. He was then 69 years old. He was ill and old age, but left the problems to Allah’s mercy.

Haji Umar Mita visited Mecca and made wide contacts with the Quranic scholars of Mecca, Medina, Jeddah, Taif, Riyadh, and so forth, and made considerable progress in his work. On 10 June 1972, the printing of the Japanese meaning of Quran was complete and its first edition was published after 12 years of painstaking and strenuous efforts of Haji Umar Mita who was then already 80 years old. Even after the publication, Haji Umar Mita has continued to write notes of the translation and guide the activities of the Japan Muslim Association.

Haji Umar Mita died in 1976 at the age of 82. May Allah have mercy on him and reward him goodness for his great efforts to serve Islam and Muslims of Japan.

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