रोहित सरदाना की मौत पर राष्ट्रपति, प्रधानमंत्री, मुख्यमंत्री, बीजेपी नेताओं ने अफ़सोस जताया था : दानिश सिद्दीकी की मौत पर संघी ख़ुश हो रहे हैं!


Rohit Sardana was mourned by the Prime Minister, the Home Minister, the President, and the Vice President besides a posse of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders, Chief Ministers, and Union Ministers.

Simran Waliya

The journalist who covered the covid Mismanagement and showed the world the ground reality of the failure of the government is forgotten.

Sold and Dalal media (Rohit Sardana) gets condolences from PM.

Double exclamation markBizzare Double exclamation mark

Zainab Sikander Siddiqui

Rohit Sardana moderated debates,peddling opinions to create a narrative in the minds of his viewers.

Danish Siddiqui showcased pictures of real people in real places in real circumstances telling true stories as they happened.


Tehseen Poonawalla Official

It was terrible and heart breaking to see people celebrate the death of my friend Rohit Sardana just as it is absolutely disappointing to see people justify and celebrate the death of #DanishSiddiqui . My India Flag of India is not the land of hate.

Pratik Sinha

When the Prime Minister is selective in tweeting condolences for journalists, he makes it easy to identify as to which journalist worked at the behest of the state, and who didn’t.


Rahul Gandhi tweeted for Danish, you’re condoling his death.

Rahul Gandhi didn’t tweet for Rohit Sardana, you were supporting Sharjeel Usmani in rejoicing over his death.

Makes it easy to identify, who all are working for Congress.

Mahesh Vikram Hegde

The people who are crying on the death of Danish Siddiqui

Were laughing when journalist Rohit Sardana died

Why this double standards?

richa anirudh

That Danish’s death is being celebrated by some trolls is tragic BUT the fact that same people who are feeling bad for him today were justifying the celebration of Rohit Sardana’s death. Rot in hell Hypocrites! And understand-Your double standards are just toooo visible now!

Omar Abdullah

That @dansiddiqui was killed by the Taliban while doing his job in Afghanistan is tragic but the fact that there are bastards out there celebrating his death because Danish was good at his job & made them uncomfortable is beyond reprehensible. Rot in hell RW trolls.

Bright wing #Maskup

Don’t compare #RohitSardana death with #DanishSiddique death.

Danish siddique was human and rohit sardana was Hindu.

The Warrior X

With due respect Fraud doctor Aunty rachna?
Will you please let us know what Rohit Sardana had done for India expect spreading hate & bootlicking feku , did he ever show truth & talk about unemployment of India,

PS- there are many things beyond to do & casteism.

Dr Rachna Agrawal UP convener beti bachao beti par

Replying to @Amisha_Go and @pathan_neamath
Celebration after Death of Rohit Sardana exposed all Talibanis in India

Adab e Hindustan

Now someone will come and condemn the sanghis celebrating the d£ath of Danish Siddique by comparing him with Rohit sardana.
Please make sure you call out this monkey balancing. Rohit Sardana had bl00d on his hands while Danish was a real journalist who showed the truth

Rifat Jawaid
I’m not surprised that Hindutva morons are celebrating the death of #danishsiddiqui. Do remember that you are not immortal. At least Danish died attaining global fame and respect and made his family, community and country proud.

The (Lone) Ranger
Danish Siddiqui will be remembered as an indomitable spirit, exhibiting unwavering journalistic ethos while Rohit Sardana was a boot licker and one of the kingpin of Godi media, which is paid to promote religious hatred in India. History never misjudges anyone. Deserving honour.

डिस्क्लेमर : twitts में व्यक्त किए गए विचार, जानकारियां लेखक के निजी विचार हैं. लेख सोशल मीडिया फेसबुक/व्हाट्सप्प पर वायरल है, इस आलेख में दी गई किसी भी सूचना की सटीकता, संपूर्णता, व्यावहारिकता अथवा सच्चाई के प्रति तीसरी जंग हिंदी उत्तरदायी नहीं है. इस आलेख में सभी सूचनाएं ज्यों की त्यों प्रस्तुत की गई हैं. इस आलेख में दी गई कोई भी सूचना अथवा तथ्य अथवा व्यक्त किए गए विचार तीसरी जंग हिंदी के नहीं हैं, तथा तीसरी जंग हिंदी उनके लिए किसी भी प्रकार से उत्तरदायी नहीं है

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