जॉर्डन की राजधानी में चार मंज़िला ईमारत गिरी, कम से कम पांच लोगों की मौत, वीडियो

AMMAN — At least five person was killed and six others wounded as a four-story apartment building collapsed in Jabal Allweibdeh district, west of the capital city of Amman on Tuesday.

The Civil Defense Directorate dispatched specialized rescue teams who were able to rescue the six persons and uncover the dead body.

The search and rescue operation continues for more possible trapped persons, according to Al-Mamlaka TV report.

Secretary-General of Epidemiological Affairs at the Jordanian Health Ministry Raed Al-Shboul stated the victims were rushed to nearby hospital by 5:50 pm (local time).

Jordan’s Prime Minister Bishr Al-Khasawneh reached the site of the accident to inspect the rescue operation while investigations went underway to determine the cause of the collapse. — Agencies

A four-storey residential building in Jordan’s capital, #Amman, has collapsed, killing at least one person, and wounding 11 others, officials said.

Health Ministry confirmed the toll, and authorities said rescuers were still searching for survivors as others remained trapped.

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New toll: Five people have died after a four-story residential building collapsed in Jordan’s capital Amman

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The death toll in the collapse of a building in Al-Weibdeh in #Amman rose to five Tuesday after authorities pulled out another three bodies from under the rubble. Search and rescue continues, and there are still missing persons under the rubble