Breaking : अज़रबैज़ान के हमलों में अर्मेनियाेई सेना का डिपो ख़ाक़ हुआ, अर्मेनिया के कई सैनिकों की मौत अनेक ज़ख़्मी : वीडियो


अज़रबैज़ान और अर्मेनिया के बीच दो साल पहले निगोरो-काराबाख के इलाके को लेकर बड़ी जंग हुई थी, जिसमे अज़रबैज़ान ने अर्मेनिया से करबाख पर अपना क़ब्ज़ा जमा लिया था, उस समय जंग में अज़रबैज़ान की मदद तुर्की और पाकिस्तान की सेना ने की थी, तब से इन दोनों देशों के बीच वक़्त-वक़्त पर झड़पें होती आ रही हैं, रिपोर्ट के मुताबिक एक बार फिर से अज़रबैज़ान और अर्मेनिया की सेनाओं में भयानक झड़प शुरू हो गयी है

जानकारी की मुताबिक अज़रबैज़ान की सेना की कार्यवाही में अर्मेनिया की सेना का डिपो जल कर ख़ाक हो गया है, वहीँ अर्मेनिया की मिनिस्ट्री की ओर से जारी एक वीडियो में कहा गया है कि अर्मेनिया के कई सैनिकों की मौत हो गयी है साथ ही अनेक ज़ख़्मी हो गए हैं

Armenian Defense Ministry Reorts:

-As a result of #Azerbaijani aggression, Armenian side has losses and wounded.
-Azerbaijani side also targeting civilian infrastructures.
-The Armed Forces of #Armenia fulfills their set of tasks.

Armenia is literally being bombed & attacked by azerbaijan as i’m typing this

i am witnessing the ethnic genocide of my people just like my great grandparents did in 1915


Alex Galitsky
Azerbaijan is shelling Armenia.

For decades Baku used “territorial integrity” to justify its aggression against Artsakh.

But with this attack on sovereign Armenia – it’s clear this was never about “territorial integrity”.

It’s only ever been about wiping Armenians off the map.

📢 Reports: Military warehouse of the Armenian Armed Forces is on fire, in the occupied Istisu (Jermuk) of the Basarkecher region. #Armenia



Prime Minister of #Armenia had a telephone conversation with the #French President Emmanuel Macron.

The PM stated that from midnight #Azerbaijan began provocative and aggressive military actions against the sovereign territory of Armenia in different directions of the border.

Simon Maghakyan
This is not just an overnight aggression. It’s a major war, a predictable one, one that Armenia has hopefully prepared for to defend against, though not too many reasons to be hopeful…

Clint Ehrlich
This is the second front of the NATO-Russia proxy war.

Azerbaijan is the proxy of NATO-member Turkey; Armenia is formally allied with Russia (it’s complicated.)

It would not shock me if the U.S. was using backchannels to encourage this Azeri offensive, overstretching Russia.

Freedom House reports that Azerbaijan is bombing Armenia. They know that Azerbaijan started this, but they call for reconciliation between both parties. The world is aware that Armenia is the victim but it is much easier to blame the vulnerable than punish the aggressor.

روني الدنماركي
Azerbaijan is a key ally of Ukraine and a vital energy supplier for the entire European Union.

This level of political momentum & support serves in Azerbaijan’s genocidal favour. With Turkish weapons, Israeli drones and NATO technology, Azerbaijan is now attacking Armenia.

روني الدنماركي
Azerbaijan is bombing Armenia.

No, not Artsakh/Nagorno-Karabakh. Armenia-proper. All across the border.

I am lucky to call dozens of Armenians my friends, and their cause should not go unnoticed. Not this time.

Kars Collective


There are active reports of mortar use and explosions on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border. This may be a full invasion. Shots are being heard from Vardenis, Jermuk, Goris, and Tatev.

This is NOT the contested region of Artsakh. This is Armenia proper.