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Ansarullah Yemen-We could close the strategic Bab al-Mandab Strait in response to US threats

Iran Observer
⚡️Ansarullah Yemen:

We could close the strategic Bab al-Mandab Strait in response to US threats to form a naval task force for operations in the Red Sea.

Bab el-Mandeb is strategically important for the West. Four million barrels of oil are transported through it each day. A full blockade of the gateway would severely harm the European and global economy.

Iran Observer

Iran, as the first Muslim country, has successfully launched Iran’s latest space bio-space capsule using an indigenous Salman launch vehicle

The launch of the bio-space capsule is in line with the realization of the plan to send humans into space. It was launched to a height of 130 km from the earth’s surface in order to develop and acquire the technologies needed in this regard.

Iran Observer
Red Sea is The New Battleground

Since the start of the war, the only place where the Axis of Resistance has escalated significantly is the Red Sea, by attacking Israeli ships.

The Red Sea is vital to the global economy and, at the same time, crucial to Israel’s economy.

This will put pressure on both the West and Israel to think rationally and negotiate a ceasefire.

The Ansarullah movement initiating the attacks is known in the West as “Houthi rebels”, which is far from reality.

The Ansarullah movement emerged victorious from a long war with the Saudi-led coalition.

According to reports, the Ansarullah Movement has a force of 200000 soldiers.

Moreover, they have various types of ballistic missiles (2000km), drones, sea mines, suicide boats and even air defence systems.

So they can do considerable damage if war breaks out.

Hebrew media: Americans are put in chains by the Iranians The US is clueless and does not know how to respond to the attacks of Axis of Resistance. Iran is the de facto leader in the Middle East and calls the shots This is not the fault of the Biden administration, because even the US deep state, which calls the shots in the USA, does not want a war with Iran