BJP created an atmosphere of arjakata : Pratap Narayan

Taasir Patna

CPI Zonal Parishad, Sahebpur amazing meeting was held on Monday at the door of landlord Mahtons in Sanha West Panchayat. Parav chief Lalita Kumari presided over.

With full preparation in the meeting, the decision to go to Patna rally on November 2. In-charge Pratap Narayan Singh said that the general public is shocked by the BJP government on the question of inflation unemployment in the Patna rally. He said Adani is continuously corruption Fallen from whether it is Hiddenberg report or coal khatola all are being exposed right now five state assembly are happening this year in which Bharatiya Janata Party is not returning to a single state

Manoj Kumar former chief said unarmed Palestine strongly condemns attack by Israel Hamas also condemns killing innocent people Israel should stop attacking Palestine for which Indian government should put the first one to the world I got away from the third middle war
Meeting present Anwar Alam Rajesh Kumar Suman Saurabh Kumar Singh Rampraesh Mahato Subodh Prasad Singh Mohammad Naushad Prabhakar Singh Kedar Mahato Ganesh Chaudhary Sarfraz Alam other colleagues were present