Breaking : #इंडोनेशिया के #जावा द्वीप पर स्थित #सेमेरु ज्वालामुखी में हुआ नया विस्फ़ोट : वीडियो

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🌋 New eruption of the #Semeru volcano, located on the island of #Java, #Indonesia 🇮🇩

The column of smoke and ash rose approximately 1,500 meters above the summit and dispersed to the southeast.

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#BREAKING Indonesia’s Mount Semeru volcano alert status raised to highest level: agency


On the island of #Java in #Indonesia, the volcano #Semeru has erupted. Authorities issued a warning about the danger of the maximum level.


Indonesia’s Mount Semeru volcano erupts as authorities raise alert level to high.Mount Semeru has erupted, spewing hot ash clouds a mile into the sky. Indonesia has started evacuating people living near Semeru volcano in East Java exactly one year after its last eruption.

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1. Indonesia’s Semeru volcano on Java island erupted early this morning, discharging a column of ash 1.5 km into the air.

Reuters reports residents have been warned not to conduct any activities within 5km of the area and to stay 500m from riversides due to risks of lava flow.