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BREAKING : Al-Qassam announced….

War Monitor

⚡️Hezbollah MP Hassan Fadlallah: The Israeli air strikes in southern Lebanon represent a new escalation. We will respond with new qualitative strikes, whether in the nature of the weapons used or the targeted sites.

Iran Observer

Ansarullah yemen:

Progress is being made in some of the major obstacles to peace talks with Saudi Arabia, including the withdrawal of foreign forces from Yemen.

We don’t see the Saudis or Emiratis taking action against us because they know the consequences well.

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🚨BREAKING: Al-Qassam (Hamas) announced:

Detonation of a large barrel bomb, targeting dozens of occupation soldiers and causing all of them either dead or wounded in the Ma’arri area, northeast of Khan Yunis.

After some time, Hamas advanced towards that force that was hit by a large barrel bomb in the Ma’arri area, the force consisted of 15 IOF soldiers. Hamas found them dead, except for 2, whom they eliminated afterwards, and the fighters returned to their bases safely.

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“Israeli” media:

There is a wide gap and a big difference between the number of injured soldiers announced by the “Israeli” army today, and the number announced by “Israeli” hospitals