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Breaking: American troops of the Delta unit are fighting on the ground reports from the GAZA coastal areas, Palestinians feel left alone by the world

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Breaking🚨: American troops of the Delta unit are fighting on the ground reports from the GAZA coastal areas !

It is already a regional war!

Despite UN resolution, Palestinians feel left alone by the world

Nida Ibrahim

Reporting from Hebron, occupied West Bank

Palestinians you talk to in the street have long lost any hope that the international community is doing anything to help them.

When we talk about illegal Israeli settlements, you have United Nations Security Council resolutions that call for the end of settlements, calling them illegal, which they are under international law, but nothing has happened. On the contrary, you’ve been seeing Israeli settlements expand and expand and expand.

Here they talk a lot about the double standards. They will tell you that the world is rushing to put sanctions on Russia when it attacked Ukraine while they’re not giving the same treatment when it comes to Israel, who has been not only bombarding Gaza, but has been occupying the Palestinian territory for decades.

I can tell you that while Palestinians are glued to the news watching what’s happening, they expect little from the United Nations, they expect little from the world; On the contrary, they feel that they’ve been left alone dealing with one of the strongest armies in the world.

Reports of an Israeli ‘limited operation’ in Gaza’s north: AJ correspondent

Al Jazeera’s Safwat al-Kahlout said there are reports of “Israeli limited operations” in northern Gaza and on the eastern side of Gaza City itself.

Air raids have intensified in the northwest, specifically near the coastal town of Beit Lahiya, al-Kahlout said, and in residential areas in Gaza City.

“This is not a preparation for a … ground operation, because a ground operation is [usually] preceded by heavy artillery and bombardment, which is now less than it used to be a couple of hours ago,” he said.

However, he added that “lots of tricks and games” can be expected. “We need more time to understand what is the Israeli plan,” al-Kahlout said.