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Within just a few hours, the Khan Younis Brigade of the #Palestinian resistance killed at least 14 #IDF officers and soldiers in a series of ambushes, the most prominent of which was in Al-Zana

Two more infantry forces were directly targeted, leaving untold numbers of dead and wounded. Dozens of others are wounded, and at the same time, 5 tanks and a personnel carrier were destroyed between Al-Zana and Al-Amal in Khan Younis.

Al-Amal is west of Khan Younis and has witnessed plenty of combat throughout Al-Aqsa Flood. However, Al-Zana has not witnessed any combat in over four months, owing to its destruction by the IDF and its position on the eastern border of Khan Younis.

Months later, the resistance set up an elaborate ambush in Al-Zana, targeting three Merkava tanks directly with the famous Al-Yassin 105 shells, then ambushing the force that came to rescue the dead and wounded soldiers in a minefield of 3 explosives.

The rescue forces were targeted again hours later, as well as those who fled to a nearby house.

9 soldiers have been confirmed killed, “turned into pieces,” in the words of Al-Qassam.

The battle is still raging 4 hours after the Al-Zana ambush started. After entering Khan Younis 120 days ago, the IDF has utterly failed to achieve any of its goals, continuing to fall into elaborate ambushes, unable to recover a single prisoner alive.

The resistance, however, lies in wait for its next prey.




#Israeli media: 3 Burkan missiles fired from #Lebanon by #Hezbollah made direct impact in Al-Jalil, a #IDF military site.

#इज़राइली मीडिया: #हिज़बुल्लाह द्वारा #लेबनान से दागी गई 3 बुर्कान मिसाइलों ने #आईडीएफ सैन्य स्थल अल-जलील पर सीधा प्रभाव डाला।