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BREAKING : HAMAS LEADER OFFICIAL STATEMENT, “The blood of my sons is not more precious than the blood of our people”

Sulaiman Ahmed



Ismail Haniyeh:

“I thank God for this honor that he bestowed upon us with the martyrdom of my three sons and some grandchildren.

With this pain and blood, we create hopes, a future, and freedom for our people, our cause, and our nation.”


Ismail Haniyeh: “The blood of my sons is not more precious than the blood of our people.” His sons and grandkids were killed today.


Brian Krassenstein

Israel has just allegedly killed the 3 sons and multiple grandchildren of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh. This was his reaction after being told the news.

First of all, everyone grieves differently, but this is certainly not a normal reaction in my opinion.

Second of all, this fight will never be settled if either side targets innocent family members of those leading the other side. That’s how you ensure that hatred persists.


#Israel JUST KILLED THREE OF #Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh’s children, and three of his grandchildren, in a treacherous US-backed airstrike west of #Gaza, on their car. Haniyeh was in a Doha hospital looking after #Palestinian wounded when he got the news (video)! What revolutionary stoicism!


Press TV 🔻

President Raeisi has sent his condolences to Hamas leader, Ismail Haniyeh, over the martyrdom of his three children in an Israeli attack, stating that the Israeli regime ‘adheres to no human or ethical principles in its crimes against humanity.’


Amal Saad
Israel’s assassination of Hamas leader, Ismail Haniyeh’s 3 sons and grandchildren is one of the clearest signs of its political bankruptcy and military failure. It genocidal war against Palestinian children and civilians has failed to force Hamas to surrender to occupation, so it’s now resorting to a more “targeted” policy of murdering the families of Hamas officials. The misguided hope is that by applying a more personal and direct type of pressure on the movement’s leaders, Hamas will relinquish its demands for a permanent cease-fire, a full Israeli withdrawal from Gaza and a return of all the displaced to their homes. After decades of experience with resistance movements, Israel still clings onto the delusion that these movements will privilege the lives of their own leaders and their families over the people they represent.


Harry Theocharous
Turkish President Erdogan calls Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh to comfort and express his support after his three sons were killed today by

Earlier this morning I posted “What does Hamas and Turkey have in common?” Almost everything!