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Sulaiman Ahmed


Osama Hamdan;

“For the 108th day, the Nazi occupation continues its brutal aggression and genocide against our Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, committing the most heinous crimes and terrifying massacres against defenseless civilians, mostly children and women, through continuous indiscriminate bombing and systematic destruction of all aspects of human life in all areas of the Gaza Strip.

There are no longer safe areas in the Gaza Strip, contrary to the claims of the occupation and the American administration. The nature of the third phase promoted by this Nazi enemy with American and Western support is no longer a secret. These declared stages are nothing but a continuation and escalation of the genocide, ethnic cleansing, and barbaric revenge against our people in the Gaza Strip.

The occupation continues its fascist war in both the north and south of the Strip, committing mass massacres in Khan Younis, with a savage escalation of all forms of bombarding, destruction, and annihilation against civil institutions, infrastructure, universities, mosques, hospitals, shelters, towers, and homes.

After 108 days of this zionist-American war against the Gaza Strip, the enemy’s failure to achieve any of its aggressive goals is evident: they have neither broken the will of our great, patient, steadfast, and sacrificing people, nor been able to defeat the resistance. Our people have not left their land, the resistance has not raised the white flag, and their captives have not returned to them alive, except those released by the resistance on its terms.

The signs of failure are clear in the clash between the partners of the genocide, to the extent of fist fights and threats to summon forces under their command to participate in this clash.

The Al-Aqsa Flood operation was a necessary step and a natural response to confront the “israeli” plans aimed at liquidating the Palestinian cause, controlling the land, Judaizing it, and to assert sovereignty over Al-Aqsa Mosque and the sanctities, ending the unfair siege on the Gaza Strip, a natural step in the framework of getting rid of the occupation, restoring national rights, achieving independence and freedom like other peoples of the world, the right to self-determination, and establishing an independent Palestinian state with Al-Quds as its capital.

We presented the document “This is Our Narrative – Why Al-Aqsa Flood?” to the Arab, Islamic, and international public to clarify the reality of what happened on October 7, 2023, its reasons and its context related to the Palestinian national cause, refute the falsehood of zionist claims, and set the facts straight.

With the increasing number of displaced people, the absence of shelters adequate for life, scarcity and complete absence of sufficient food aid in many areas in northern Gaza Strip, more than half a million of our people in northern Gaza Strip face real risk of death, starving daily, with days passing without any food entering their stomachs, due to the absence of food supplies, including all types of food, vegetables, canned goods, meats, or other basic necessities for human survival.

The catastrophic humanitarian situation, which no media reports or news can adequately describe, affects more than two million Palestinian citizens, due to the insufficient arrival of relief and food aid to the residents of the Strip, especially flour. Residents of the northern Strip had to grind animal feed to use as food to stave off hunger pains and stay alive.

We hold the zionist occupation and its supporting American administration fully responsible for the genocide, crimes, and horrific massacres our Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip are subjected to through murder, destruction, starvation, and thirst

Sulaiman Ahmed

We call on the World Health Organization to immediately declare Gaza a famine zone, and to press for all necessary legal and humanitarian measures to prevent the continuation and worsening of this real humanitarian catastrophe.

We call on UNRWA to assume its humanitarian responsibilities and perform its mandated role in aiding our people and distributing aid throughout the Gaza Strip, especially in the north, without yielding to the occupation’s pressures, dictates, and threats.

We appeal for an urgent distress call to all countries and governments worldwide, in coordination with relevant UN institutions, to pressure the occupation and the American administration to ensure the entry of relief aid by land, sea, and air.

We call on the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the Arab League, and appeal to the leaders of our Arab and Islamic nations, in the name of Arabism, Islam, and values of honor, pride, and nobility, to intervene immediately and seriously pressure to open crossings and introduce aid through relief convoys and urgent air drops to prevent a real famine catastrophe against over a million Palestinian citizens in northern Gaza Strip.

We have followed recent statements by war criminal Netanyahu, reaffirming that the zionist entity will tighten its grip on “all the lands between the sea and the river” and rejecting the establishment of a Palestinian state. This is a confirmation of the fascist zionist policy that denies the existence of our Palestinian people and their legitimate national rights.

We have also followed Western reactions, particularly American statements, especially those made by President Biden, which attempted to reassure those still betting on political solutions and normalization projects with this fascist entity, by saying that Netanyahu does not oppose all solutions based on the existence of what he called two-states concept. Netanyahu’s office, however, released a statement a few hours later contradicting Biden, denying acceptance of the Palestinian state idea.

These statements and positions confirm the firm truth that we are facing a zionist terrorist entity aiming to erase the Palestinian existence on one hand, and an American administration that deceives, sells illusions and mirage, and works to beautify the occupation’s image and cover up its crimes on the other, striving to integrate it into the region through normalization projects, denying our people’s rights to freedom, self-determination and establishing a state.

Our message to Washington and President Biden’s administration: Your statements claiming support for the establishment of a Palestinian state, or lamenting the humanitarian catastrophe which your weapons have in the Gaza Strip, will remain statements and stances without credibility unless the aggression stops immediately, the supply of weapons and ammunition to the enemy —allowing them to continue bombing civilians— ceases, and the policies of starvation and the annihilation war committed by the occupation with open American support end.

We say it clearly: there is no guardianship over our people, and we will not accept, nor will our people accept, anything less than a fully sovereign Palestinian state with Al-Quds as its capital. All proposals trying to circumvent our people’s rights with the notion of a fictitious Palestinian entity without substance will not succeed, so save yourselves the effort and time.

The American administration is fully responsible for the escalation in the region through its continuous support for the occupation and its aggression. We affirm that the key to peace and stability in the region is stopping the aggression against our people in Gaza, ending the Nazi occupation, and establishing a fully sovereign Palestinian state with Al-Quds as its capital. /2

Sulaiman Ahmed

The government of genocidal crimes is trying to escape from its crisis by exporting it abroad, by carrying out assassinations against the resistance and its leaders, attacking the resistant Lebanon that supports our people and our cause, attacking Syria, threatening Yemen, and calling on the American to expand the war in the region. It even tries to attack the sovereignty of Arab countries as part of its ongoing aggression on our people in Gaza.

Today, the world and decision-makers in the region are required to think about the post-criminal Netanyahu phase and his extremist fascist government, and to work seriously to end it and get rid of it.

We in Hamas condemn the classification of Ansarallah as a terrorist group by the American administration. We also condemn the ongoing brutal American-British aggression on brotherly Yemen, and the threat to escalate it. We consider this to be an American insistence on militarizing the Red Sea to protect the back of the occupation and support its crimes and aggression against our people and our Arab and Islamic nation.

We hold tightly onto the hands to our brothers in Yemen, Lebanon, and Iraq, and we bless their giving and jihad. We offer our condolences for our martyrs and their martyrs, who ascended on the road to Al-Quds and solidarity with our people who are facing a savage Nazi occupation that threatens the security and stability of our entire region.

The time has come to cut off the hand of the occupation that attacks our land, our people, and our sanctities, and the entire region. We affirm here that we will continue our steadfastness, our struggle, and our resistance, and that our people, who have made glorious victories in their history, will crown this confrontation with a decisive victory, by God’s will and His power.