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Sulaiman Ahmed


▪️ Gaza on Eid al-Fitr is bleeding, bursting with pain, and suffering destruction. It has been steadfast and steadfast for more than 6 months and will not break.

▪️The massive scale of destruction and devastation in the Gaza Strip only expresses the occupation’s Nazism, fascism, and failure to achieve its goals.

▪️ The continuation of the war of genocide and starvation and the prolongation of the war will not give the Zionist occupation an image of victory as it claims or achieve its goals as it dreams.

▪️ The Palestinian resistance attacked the occupation and deployed its army in the streets and alleys of Gaza, and the scenes of the Qassams in the ambush of Al-Abrar in the Al-Zana area in Khan Yunis are one of the indications of this.

▪️ The scale of the crimes committed by the occupation in the Al-Shifa Complex and its surroundings is very brutal and disastrous, and searches have been continuing for 10 days to recover hundreds of torn bodies buried in the sand.

▪️The criminal occupation did not care about all international laws and conventions or human values, which requires prosecuting its fascist entity and holding it accountable for the war of extermination.

▪️ The rabid occupation war against our people and the failure of its army and leaders to achieve their goals will remain a disgrace that will haunt them forever.

▪️The key to any agreement with the occupation is based on a permanent ceasefire, and our most prominent priority in the ongoing negotiating process is the return of the displaced without restrictions and a complete withdrawal of forces from the Gaza Strip, without which it will not take place.”