ENGLISH NEWS International


Sulaiman Ahmed



“We strongly condemn the sinful crime committed by the Authority’s security services by attempting to kidnap the persecuted mujahid brother Qais al-Saadi in the Jenin camp, and shooting him and wounding him. We declare our rejection of this unpatriotic behavior that comes after the Moscow meeting, which emphasized the unity of the national ranks and support for the resistance in the face of the Zionist occupation. Brute.

In this context, we hold the PA’s security services and leadership fully responsible for the safety of the mujahid brother Qais al-Saadi and his resistance brothers who are being pursued by the fascist occupation army.

The continuation of the Authority’s security services in carrying out security coordination roles, pursuing resistance fighters, arresting them, and attempting to assassinate them, as happened with the Mujahid Khalil al-Hanbali in Nablus and the Mujahid Qais al-Saadi today and others, in light of the ongoing massacre against our people and the destructive war waged by the occupation army, indicates a security policy that shifts the compass too far. About the national interests of our people.

We call on the factions and the masses of our proud people to declare a clear position rejecting the policies of the Authority’s security services in pursuing and arresting activists and resistance fighters, and to move to put an end to this behavior that weakens the internal front of our people and only serves the occupation and its settlement expansion projects.”