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Sulaiman Ahmed


Iranian FM:

“Since it was decided to give a necessary response to this regime within the framework of international law and legitimate defense, we have informed America and clearly said that the decision in Iran to respond to this regime is final.

Messages were exchanged between us [Iran and America] before the operation and after the operation.

At 2:30 am on Sunday morning, we sent another message to America through diplomatic channels and tried to tell America clearly that we are not looking for the development of tension in the region, what can lead to the development of tension is the behavior of the Zionist regime.

Before the operation, we also told America that we will not target American bases and interests in the region, but when we give an answer to the Israeli regime, America wants to take an action to support this regime.

The exchange of messages, especially through the Swiss channel as the guardian of America’s interests and official diplomatic channels, was done with the aim of creating a correct understanding of Iran’s action and with the aim of preventing the spread of tension and crisis in the region, between us and America.”