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BREAKING : Israel bombed 2000 years old Two churches in South Gaza, one with 385 and other has 500 killed

Florian Neuhof

Israeli forces have continued to strike targets in the Gaza Strip throughout the day, including in the south of the territory, where Israel had told Gazans to head for their own safety. One explosion reportedly killed and injured several people, including children.


Hend F Q
Two churches Greek Orthodox and Saint Porphyries, 2000 years old, were bombed in South Gaza, one with 385 and the other has 500. They took sanctuary in the church thinking it was safe, they were bombed, most were Christian children and mothers.
Where can they hide? Is nowhere safe? Why are the Israelis so cruel? Who kills people in hospitals and churches?!

Hend F Q
The Orthodox Patriarch in Jerusalem:

“We strongly condemn the Israeli military’s bombing on our historical church of Saint Porphyrius.”

Saint Porphyrius is the 3rd oldest church in the world! Bombing led to the murder of 40 Palestinian killed & dozen other Christians injured.

The dead and injured are either grandmothers and their grandchildren all so young.

Was Hamas also in the church? Was it using the babies and grannies as human shields?

Lying Zionists. We all know that everything you speak is a lie.

Yesterday I saw a Palestinian girl on dutch tv talking about her family hiding in the house of their relatives in the south of Gaza. There are 35 familymembers in 1 house. Everybody knows the Palestinian people seek shelter in churches and hospitals.


Hend F Q
Let me provide you with the syllabus of every Near East Studies course on Israel at every Western university:

Prior to 1948, Jews and Arabs lived in beautiful peace in Noble Inclusive Palestine. There was zero Jew-hatred in the Middle East. As a matter of fact, Islam reveres the Jews. Then a bunch of blood-thirsty white Zionists from Europe with zero claims to that land created terrorism, and ethnically cleansed the Noble Palestinians who had accepted the Jews and protected them. Over the past 75 years, the Zionists have committed a genocide on people who simply wish to live in peace. The Zionists are modern-day Nazis indistinguishable from those Nazis who exterminate the Jews (albeit the Jews have greatly exaggerated the number of Jews killed).


Quds News Network

#Israel has bombed the ancient Saint Porphyrius Orthodox Church in #Gaza, a significant historical site dating back to 425 AD.
Hundreds of Gazans were taking refuge in the Church located close to the Baptist Hospital, which saw an #Israeli massacre a couple of days ago.