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BREAKING : Israel is now heavily bombing Syria capital, Syrian Air defense forces are still confronting targets in the sky : video


BREAKING: Israel is now heavily bombing Syria, South Lebanon and Palestine.

Only Israel is allowed to rain bombs on 3 different countries within a single day, and the international community won’t even bat an eyelash.

Khaled Iskef خالد اسكيف
ما تزال وسائط الدفاع الجوي تتصدى لأهداف في سماء العاصمة #دمشق.

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Air defense forces are still confronting targets in the sky of the capital #دمشق .

Kevork Almassian🇸🇾🇦🇲

While Israeli forces are indiscriminately bombing Gaza and threatening a full-scale war on Lebanon, Netanyahu’s Israel is dropping missiles on Syria’s capital now!

Hadi Nasrallah

Israel is bombing Damascus now. At the same time they are bombing Gaza and Lebanon. Looks like those Khamas tunnels spread across the region

Afshin Rattansi

NEW: Syria air defence systems engaged to defend the ancient capital of Damascus against NATO 🇬🇧UK-🇺🇲US-🇪🇺EU-armed aerial bombardment on Sunday night.


It is reported that Damascus is currently fending off, presumably, Israeli missiles. The air defense system is actively operating in the Syrian capital. – Ostashko reports


Syrian Air Defence Intercepts Israeli Rockets Fired On Damascus Surroundings

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#Syria’s air defense intercepted #Israeli rockets fired at the surroundings of the capital Damascus, Syrian state media said on Sunday