ENGLISH NEWS International


Sulaiman Ahmed


– The oppressed Palestinian people in Gaza are suffering for the 20th week the harshest and most difficult forms of suffering as a result of the Israeli aggression.

– The Israeli enemy in Gaza adopted criminal and genocidal behavior from the beginning and used all means of extermination

On the first day of the aggression, America, Britain, and most major European countries took the initiative to provide all forms of support to the Zionist enemy

Despite the huge military potential that the Israeli enemy possesses, America and the West provided it with weapons, money, and experts

– Where is the support of Muslims for the oppressed Palestinian people, who are part of them and who have clear and established rights?

– The Palestinian people are worthy of support and support from humanitarian considerations and all considerations

Most countries, regimes and governments stand by and watch, while some of them are complicit and secretly support the Israeli enemy

The failure of most governments and regimes, and behind them the silence of the people, is one of the reasons for the Israeli enemy’s audacity to continue its crimes and tighten its siege.

– For the third time, the American uses his veto in the Security Council to prevent any decision to stop the genocide of the Palestinian people in Gaza

– The American insists on continuing the genocide of the people of Gaza by all means of extermination

– The American provides the greatest cover in order for the starvation of the Palestinian people in Gaza to reach that level that is scandalous to Western countries and institutions.

The Americans have used their veto power the most since the formation of the Security Council until today, to serve the Israeli enemy

– The American is a fundamental partner of the Israeli enemy in all its crimes against the Palestinian people in all past stages

– The American inherited from the British the role of sponsoring Zionist crime, protecting the Israeli enemy, and providing all forms of support to it

– The American changed the role of the Security Council and hindered the role of the United Nations in any humanitarian direction for the benefit of vulnerable peoples

– The responsibility for everyone increases, and Muslims are at the forefront, with the deterioration of the humanitarian situation in Gaza and the scale of the tragedy

– What are Muslims waiting for to take action? Do they want the complete genocide of the people of Gaza to be achieved?!

The number of martyrs, most of whom were children and women, is constantly increasing, and the number of massacres reached 2,544 in a clear violation of human life.

– The Israeli enemy continues its brutal behavior in denying food to the people and preventing trucks loaded with food from entering the people.

– The World Food Program suspended its activities with the extremely painful level of suffering and hunger in Gaza, revealing the nature of its role

– The poor American and Israeli role appears in manipulation at the level of international organizations and programs that move under humanitarian titles

Deaths from hunger are increasing, and there are deaths among children and the elderly

Even animal feed has run out, or is almost sold out, in many areas of the Gaza Strip, and in the northern Strip more so

– Hundreds of thousands of Palestinian people in Gaza are starving from hunger and they appeal to their nation with their hunger and suffering.

– Where are the wealthy Arab countries that waste hundreds of billions on absurd and trivial matters, fueling strife, and do not provide a little food for the Palestinian people?

– Many countries waste huge amounts of good food in the garbage, their residents suffer from obesity, and they do not provide any food to the Palestinian people.