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Deadly flash floods hit Oman, 18 people died, 66 died in Afghanistan, while UAE grapples with heaviest rainfall in 75 years : video

Middle East Monitor
Deadly flash floods hit Oman, while UAE grapples with heaviest rainfall in 75 years

Intense rainfall and flash floods have affected various areas of the Gulf region, resulting in the loss of lives.

At least 18 people have perished in Oman, while the United Arab Emirates has been grappling with travel disruptions after experiencing the heaviest rainfall in 75 years when more than 250mm (around 10 inches) of rain fell in under 24 hours.

10 schoolchildren and their driver were among those killed in Oman leading government schools to run classes online. More heavy rain is expected in Dubai and other parts of the Arabian Peninsula.

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Dubai floods,Roads turn to rivers as airport diverts arriving flights 1604024
Unstable weather and heavy rain continued to overtake parts of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Tuesday, flooding some streets and stalling traffic in Dubai.

Muhammad Shahid
This is neither a sea place nor a naval base. This is the international airport of Dubai which is now in this situation. After about 70 years, there was a flood situation which is very high. The Arabs should understand the reasons for these situations.

Presidency of the Republic of Türkiye
spoke by phone with United Arab Emirates Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

During the call, President Erdoğan expressed his sympathy for the flood disaster that took place in the UAE.

Torrential rains in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain, Saudi government to announce the closure of educational institutions.

The New York Times
Record levels of rainfall have brought cities in the United Arab Emirates and Oman to a standstill, with at least 19 people killed in Oman and flights being diverted from Dubai’s airport.

Sardarwali Said
At least 18 people have died in Oman as a result of heavy rains and flash floods that have affected sections of the Gulf, disrupting travel in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Arab News Pakistan

Condolences from Pakistan as heavy rains and flash floods killed at least 66 people in Afghanistan.

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World News:
Desert city of Dubai floods as UAE hit by heaviest rainfall in 75 years.

“City records over 120mm of rain in a day, about as much as it expects in a year as rain floods highways and homes

Heavy rains have hit the United Arab Emirates, flooding major highways and disrupting flights at Dubai international airport – in what the government has described as the largest amount of rainfall in the past 75 years.”

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Dubai Flood Video: Heavy rains have been falling in many parts of the United Arab Emirates since late Monday (April 15), after which the situation there has become dire. Dubai’s streets, houses, malls and even the airport are flooded with water. #Dubai

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Emirates of the United Arab, Emirates of Dubai, $1 billion dollars ,flood cleanup fight, fight against climate change and Zero CO2 plan in 2050