Decolonization processes :..in Ireland, Algeria, South Africa & Palestine

Hend F Q
Decolonization processes:

1. When the British left Ireland in 1922 (and when Ireland became a republic in 1949), was there a ‘genocide’ of Protestant settlers?

2. When Algeria was decolonized (1954-62) and the French left was there a ‘genocide’ of the French settlers, the ‘Pied-noir’?

3. When South Africa was decolonized through the dismantling of Apartheid (1994), was there a genocide of white settlers (whether British or Boer)?

As you may be aware, the answer in each case is: no.

It is not inconsequential that the only thing approaching genocide in each of those cases was the disproportionate scale of killing of the natives by the colonisers and their allies

Irish revolution (1916-21) – 2850 total casualties, of which 506 were British Army;

Algeria (1954-62) – Between 400,000 and 1,500,000 Algerians, 25,600 French soldiers; 6,000 Europeans.
South Africa (until 1994) – 21,000 total casualties;