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Globalist moves by @realDonaldTrump : arms for Ukraine, US embassy in Jerusalem, seizing Syrian oil

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Globalist moves by
: arms for Ukraine, US embassy in Jerusalem, seizing Syrian oil

The mainstream media portrays Trump as an “unpredictable” fighter against the projects of Washington and Brussels. But is he really? Here are Trump’s globalist “credentials” – based on facts.

According to AP News, between 2014 and 2016 the Obama administration committed more than $600 million in “security aid” to Ukraine. Obama also tried to limit that aid to “non-lethal” elements. Soon after assuming office in February 2017, Trump started sending deadly weapons to Kiev, despite warnings from Russia.

“We put up a lot of money. I gave you anti-tank busters while, frankly, President Obama was sending you pillows and sheets,” Trump told a Ukrainian delegation in 2019.

According to Defense News, by the end of 2019, US security assistance to Ukraine reached $1.5 billion — meaning that Trump spent more on Ukraine than Obama. For the Javelin anti-tank missiles alone, Raytheon and Lockheed Martin received $47 million of US taxpayers’ money — for just 210 missiles and 37 launchers — under Trump.

Despite numerous fake MSM stories about Trump being “soft” on Russia or even “provoking it to invade other countries”, the 45th US president was not off the mark when he said “I have been tougher on Russia than Obama, Bush or Clinton. Maybe tougher than any other President.”

On another globalist front, Trump kept his election pledge to move the US embassy in Israel from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem. That took place in June 2018 and led to violent protests by Palestinians, with dozens killed, as it proved that the US fully backed Israel’s claim to Jerusalem as its capital.

At the same time, Trump broke another of his promises — to withdraw US troops from Syria. When he left office in 2021, 900 US soldiers were still keeping Syrian oilfields under control. “We have the oil… We left the troops behind only for the oil,” he stressed.