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Hasan #Nasrallah Speech! #Hezbollah!

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#Nasrallah Speech! #Hezbollah!

“Since October 8, we have entered into combat with the enemy in the south over a stretch of more than 100 km. The Islamic Resistance carried out more than 670 operations in 3 months, targeting 48 border sites more than once.

The Islamic Resistance executed 494 targetings, including 50 border points targeted more than once.

The Islamic Resistance also targeted technical and intelligence equipment along the border, completely destroying them.

#Israeli soldiers fled from the sites towards the settlements, fearing the advancement of the fighters towards the sites and their occupation.

A large number of vehicles and tanks were destroyed along the border.

The operations were very draining for the enemy, who practiced extreme secrecy on their large losses.

The enemy does not acknowledge any killed or wounded, which is part of their policy of general secrecy about their losses.

Experts in the entity say that the losses of the enemy’s army are three times more than the announced numbers.

In 8 hospitals in the north alone, the statistics show that there are more than 2,000 wounded soldiers.

What is happening on the northern front is a true humiliation of the enemy’s army.

The Islamic Resistance did not target the inhabitants of the settlements, although they are occupiers. The displaced from these areas exert pressure on the government of the occupation.

From the beginning, we stated that the objective of the front in the south is to pressure the government of the enemy to stop the aggression on Gaza and to relieve the burden on the resistance there.

We are facing a real opportunity to liberate every inch of our Lebanese land and prevent the enemy from violating our borders and airspace.”