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Here are the most significant developments in the past few minutes in Gaza : Report

Israel has intensified its bombardment of Gaza, particularly in the north of the enclave, as military spokesperson says Israeli ground forces are “expanding operations”.

There is a near-total blackout of communications in Gaza, with phone networks and internet largely cut off.

A UN General Assembly resolution introduced by Jordan that called for a humanitarian truce in Gaza has passed.
An amendment to that resolution, which was backed by Canada and the United States and included a reference to Hamas, failed to pass.

Hamas’s Qassam Brigades and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad’s al-Quds Brigades say they launched rockets towards Israel.
The UN agency for Palestinian refugees says 14 additional staff members have been killed in Gaza during the past 24 hours, bringing the total number of staff killed in the conflict to 53.

UN chief warns that the humanitarian system in Gaza is facing a “total collapse”, saying the verification system for the movement of goods must be adjusted.

Negotiations, mediated by Qatar, on a ceasefire and prisoner exchange deal between Israel and Hamas are “progressing and at an advanced stage”, sources say.

Attempt to attack al-Shifa Hospital could presage regional war: Journalist

More from the Israeli journalist Dimi Reider, who, despite believing that Israel will most likely attempt only a limited incursion into Gaza, has also said that any targeting of al-Shifa Hospital could still lead to a considerable escalation of tensions in the wider region.

Israel has said that a Hamas bunker lies underneath al-Shifa Hospital, although Palestinian officials an hospital staff have resolutely denied that.

“All eyes should therefore be on al-Shifa hospital, which a crude propaganda video released by the [Israeli army] earlier today presented almost as a legimitate target, alleging that the Hamas military headquarters was hidden underneath,” Reider said.

“Any attempt to take the hospital – or to bomb it from the air – will reset the clock on the conflict and hurtle us all right back towards the danger zone of regional war, which we otherwise seem quite likely to avoid,” Reider added.

Palestinian UN observer welcomes General Assembly resolution

Reacting to the vote, the Palestinian ambassador to the United Nations said that everything needed to be done to stop the war, because it meant “more killing of children, more killing of civilians, more destruction”.

Riyad Mansour said that the Palestinian delegation would keep trying to get the UN Security Council to adopt a binding resolution calling for a ceasefire – the US and Russia have so far vetoed separate resolutions.

“We thank you as journalists in covering our story, because some of the media is blinded by the narrative is not fairly covering our story, please cover it completely, cover it comprehensively, cover the massacres and the crimes committed against our people in Gaza,” Mansour added.