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His grandfather was a traitor, his father was a traitor and King Abdullah of Jordan is a traitor!!!

S p r i n t e r F a c t o r y
King Abdullah II bin Hussein of Jordan is dissatisfied with the reaction of Muslims on social networks to his actions to protect Israel, and the Jordanian Foreign Ministry called Iranian ambassador and told him that it was necessary to “stop insulting and questioning the position of the kingdom.”

Ahmed Zuhair

Shameless traitor instead of being ashamed he wants everyone to give him a pat😡

Salém Moh’d🇲🇻
Can’t really blame the King of the poorest country in the Middle East.
He has a strong bilateral agreement with Israel, which obligates them to follow Israel’s instructions in all matters. In return, Israel provides protection to the King’s kingdom and family, as well as an annual payment of 500 million dollars.
This amount is equivalent to the cost of one missile that Israel dropped on Gaza. Additionally, Israel takes care of the medical needs of the King’s government and family.

It is worth noting that Israel considers Judea to be part of their territory. All these arrangements were made by his father.

Under these circumstances, the King’s options are limited. His kingdom is heavily influenced by Jews, and if he were to change his mind, Israel could take over his country and destroy his kingdom.

So, the poor guy takes his kingdom “first”!

Kevin Crampton

His father supported the Palestinian cause in 1948 and 1967 but once the West Bank was lost and Egypt gave up after 1974, Jordan with limited military and financial resources was forced into a position of having to co- operate with Israel but Abdullah has taken that too far

Muslim NO-GO | Der mediale Widerstand
His grandfather was a traitor, his father was a traitor, and he is a traitor. Seems to be a family thing.

Jirma Ali Molu

The King of Jordan is a Mossad Agent!

The King of Jordan is a CIA asset!

The King of Jordan is a MI6 link in the middle east….. Loyalty to the England Royal

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