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History will record that 12/5/2023 is the harshest day for the Israeli army in its history : ISRAELIS TAKING CHILDREN HOSTAGE

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🔻”Israeli” losses today:

32 soldiers wounded/dead
20 vehicles damaged/destroyed
7 tanks damaged/destroyed
5 troop carriers damaged/destroyed
4 bulldozer damaged/destroyed

روزان قباص يهودية يمنية.. بديل
كارثة ورب موسى😱🔥
ما حدث اليوم لجيشنا الذي لايقهر مجزرة بكل المقاييس.. القتلى يفوق الـ100
سيسجل التاريخ أن يوم 2023/12/5 هو اقسى يوم على الجيش الأسرائيلي في تاريخه

في حارتنا”بوشه” بـ #عسقلان وهي لاتتجاوز 300متر ربع 4 مآتم عزاء لضابط و3 جنود.. فكيف بكل #إسرائيل

Translated from Arabic by
Disaster and the Lord of Moses 😱🔥
What happened today to our invincible army is a massacre by all standards. The dead exceed 100
History will record that 12/5/2023 is the harshest day for the Israeli army in its history.

In our “Busheh” neighborhood in #عسقلان , which does not exceed 300 meters, there are 4 funeral funerals for an officer and 3 soldiers…so what about all #إسرائيل
#غزه_مقبرة_الغزاة ?


حسن إسميك
“He who lives blamelessly lives safely, but he who walks a crooked path will be found out.” (Proverbs 10:9).

The instinct of the rational human being is to strive for a life that is secure, safe, and confident, and to be blessed on earth and have a good reputation. In Judaism, as in the heavenly messages of the other two Abrahamic religions, the Creator teaches us that a good life is realized when one’s behavior is upright, compatible with morality, mercy, and the teachings of God. As for those who choose the deviant paths away from His teachings and to be arrogant, they are cursed by a bad reputation and the absence of peace of mind from their lives.
The violence we are witnessing today against Palestinians is a misguided path that does not please God. Therefore, Jewish brothers, in adherence to the teachings of their religion, must work to put an end to it.