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Houthis’ reaction to Netanyahu threats, We are ready for war with Israel


Iran Observer

Houthis’ reaction to Netanyahu threats:

We are ready for war with Israel, Any ship that seeks to deliver a consignment to Israel will be in our crosshair

The US warned us not to attack Israel, but in response we fired several rockets towards Israel


Iran Observer
Netanyahu has reportedly told Biden that if he doesn’t take action against the Houthis then Israel will

But I believe that Netanyahu is bluffing due to following reasons:

● Yemenis will be given a solid reason to escalate like never before by laying sea mines in the Red Sea and blocking the bab al-Mandab

● Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf countries will stop the normalisation process altogether because of the outbreak of a regional war

Iran Observer
The Houthis again escalated by blocking all ships en route to Israel.

This decision came after the US vetoed a resolution for a ceasefire and immediate release of all hostages, after which Russia and China strongly condemned the US.

The Resistance Axis’ decision to go for escalation from Yemen is a strategically wise decision and the best method of pressure to make Western leaders nervous