Human trafficking, modern slavery in US, 83% of sexual trafficking victims in the US are children!

The sinister industry of human trafficking is on the rise everywhere in the US. It is so shocking that the Americans try to ignore it as soon as they hear about it.

While it is said that 17 thousand people are trafficked annually in the US, a close look at the government’s conservative statistics reveals the figure to be 240 to 325 thousand.

Human trafficking has in fact become a semi-official industry in the US as it has brought about the epidemics of sexual trafficking, especially, of children.

While it is surmised that the crimes of the US, as a claimant of Human Rights, can be quickly detected, prosecuted and eradicated, what happens in the real world is totally the opposite.

Children are the prime victims of human trafficking
Sexual trafficking inside the US borders is growing at a very rapid pace and the real rate is unknown to a great extent. The crimes of human traffickers are rarely detected by attorneys of the country and are even kept hush-hush in a very worrying way.

One example of intentional ignorance of human trafficking was the case of Jeffry Epstein, who received very light prison punishment in spite of evidence and documents after broad investigation.

The officials of California have announced that scores of victims of human trafficking, who were detected, are living in terrible conditions and are forced to work in the illegal operation of processing Marijuana.

A sheriff in California said that these people had been promised to receive good jobs and residence.

Using human trafficking victims in Marijuana farms
Examinations of Los Angeles Times show that the workforce in this industry are mainly migrants and subjected to abuse, wage robbery, menace of violence and evil and perilous conditions.

Children, due to low age and simple attitude thereof, are intensively vulnerable to human trafficking crisis.

They are either deceived by human traffickers who come with the guise of friends with gifts, or trust in human traffickers and are attached to them or else sold to them by families or acquaintances.

It is estimated that 83% of sexual trafficking victims in the US are children

The Unites States is the top destination of children’s sexual trafficking. In 2018, over half of the active criminal files of human trafficking in the US (51.6%) were about sexual trafficking including only children.

The age of entering this ominous industry for children is 12- 14 and most of them are girls escaping from home.

The industry of children’s sexual trafficking is aggravated by four factors in the US: inefficiency of migration policies on Southern borders, usage of social media as looters, pornography and broken families.

The most vulnerable children in the US are the ones who have grown in single-parent families. These children are exposed to physical and sexual harassment 11 times more than other children.