I am not going to lie….Thailand will understand why I love them

Hend F Q
I am not going to lie. Anyone that has ever met a Thai or been to Thailand will understand why I love them. The Thai really walk the talk of peace and love, and I am sorry they were involved in this hostage situation. I am glad they are back safe and sound. One question presses itself, where were these faces from the #BringThemHome posters?


Simple answer:
To the Zionists, other non-Zionist nationalities are sub-human. The Untermensch.
I am so glad the Thai folks made it home alive. 🙏 I warned extended family about this years ago when they went to work in occupied Palestine.

Quds News Network
Media coverage: “An Israeli woman prisoner says goodbye to a Hamas fighter as she goes away with the #ICRC staff as part of a prisoner exchange deal between the Palestinian resistance and the Israeli occupation.”