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 in Russian troops strike on Nikolaev, 14 foreign mercenaries killed and 8 wounded

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After the strike of Russian troops on Nikolaev, 14 foreign mercenaries were killed and 8 were wounded, Lebedev, coordinator of the #Nikolayev underground, told #Sputnik.

Last night, with the help of a UAV, a strike was carried out on Ukrainian targets in Nikolaev.

– A local hotel, which the foreign mercenaries used as
an accommodation point came under attack.

– The local administration claims that there are no civilian casualties

Clash Report
Moscow today. Russia shows off captured Ukrainian armored vehicles donated/transferred by Western countries.

— American HMMWV and M1124 MaxxPro
— British Husky TSV and Mastiff PPV
— Australian Bushmaster & Turkish Kirpi
— South African Mamba Mk2 EE transferred from Estonia
— Austrian Steyr-Puch 712m Pinzgauer 6 x 6 Military Ambulance
— German tank Leopard 2A6
— American M2A2 Bradley ODS-SA infantry fighting vehicle
— German infantry fighting vehicle Marder 1A3
— Swedish infantry fighting vehicle CV9040C
— American armored personnel carrier M113A2 and its Dutch modification YPR-765
— Finnish armored personnel carrier XA-180
— British armored personnel carrier AT-105 Saxon
— French 105mm AMX-10RCR
— American 155mm howitzer M777
— American M1A1SA Abrams tank on the way.





Clash Report
So, Ukrainian Leopard 2A6 tank that was brought to Moscow received an unusual repair – the damaged rollers were replaced with rollers from the T-80 tank by Russians.

Clash Report
Russian MoD has divided the remnants of the Wagner PMC into four different groups.

One group operates as part of the Russian National Guard and Russian military intelligence and continues to fight in Ukraine.

Another group was named the Afrika Korps or “Redut” and actually continues the activities of the original Wagner group.

It is the Afrika Korps that is largely responsible for the recent decision to withdraw American troops from Niger and Chad, as well as for the significant change in Washington’s policy in many African countries.

Source: Politico