Indian Hindi-language Film Geetaa Mera Naam

Film Geetaa Mera Naam (transl. Geetaa is my name) released today. March 24, 1974 Indian Hindi-language produced by R. K. Nayyar. His wife Sadhana starred in a dual role and also directed the film. The film also features Sunil Dutt, Feroz Khan and Helen. The music is by Laxmikant-Pyarelal. The film performed well in the box office.

Sunil Dutt career was taking a set back in 70s with this film his career boosted again.

Sadhna was a top actress of 60s during 70s her career started fading that’s when she decided to try her hand at direction.
Sadhna’s husband director R.K Nayyar had produced the film along with Uttam Devkanth.

Sadhana and her husband made the film Yeh Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hain. The film was a financial disaster. It put R.K. Nayyar in debt. Usually when a film flops so badly the distributors just want their invest back with no interest. They forego all interest due to them and accept the principle amount. But since Sadhana was the producer they felt she had lots of money. The distributors refused to show any amount of consideration. When R.K.Nayyar next film Intequam became a hit, they thought it would help them out financially. It did not in any way . When they paid 27 lakhs to the distributors they said that was only for the amount of interest that had built up.. The principle amount owing for Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hain was still owing !!. R.K. Nayyar snapped and declared himself insolvent. He directed Geeta Mera Naam and got Sadhana to put her name as the director. Sadhana did not even direct a single shot in the film. R.K.Nayyar could not put his name as the director of the film for legal reasons. When Geeta Mera Naam became a block buster it finally pulled them into a good place financially.

Sunil Dutt’s role was originally meant for Prem Chopra. But R.K.Nayyar decided to cast Sunil Dutt to get more money from the distributors.

Prior to Geeta Mera Naam, Sadhana was directing,shelved film, “Reshma”(1972). Starring Feroz Khan,Sadhana,Junior Mehmood, Directed by Sadhana (R.K. Nayyar).

Sadhna is credited as Sadhna in acting credits and Sadhna Nayyar in director credits.

Only film of Sadhna where she played an action packed glamorous character.

The back ground music of Geeta Mera Naam sounded similar to Majboor’s back ground music.

Feroz Khan had no scene with Birbal & Siddhu

The camera angle/shot of Feroz Khan holding a gun threatening Habib,standing infront of a tall tower, would later be compared to the cover of Lalo Schrifin’s album Towering Toccata.

Habib’s sheikh character in Apradh was seen again in Geeta Mera Naam.