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Iran is playing the long game in its dealings with Israel : Report

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‘Nothing you can do to stop us’: #Iran’s strikes on #Israeli bases establish deterrence

Iran is playing the long game in its dealings with Israel, carefully calibrating its actions to restore deterrence against the country rather than concerning itself with world opinion, former United Nations weapons inspector Scott Ritter stressed.

The analyst joined Sputnik’s Fault Lines program and challenged the perception that Israel is in a stronger position after reports of intercepting most of Iran’s retaliatory strikes over the weekend.

“The job wasn’t to say, ‘we’re going to hurt you,’” Ritter claimed. “The job was to say, ‘hey, Israel, look around you. Right now you have America’s most sophisticated X-band radar to give you intelligence when we launch our missiles… you have the whole world coming to your assistance to protect you and you can’t stop our missiles from hitting your most important bases.

That’s the future, if you dare attack us again.’” Israel has conspicuously forbidden journalists from observing the aftermath of Iran’s attack on Israel’s bases in recent days. Video posted to social media appeared to show several hypersonic missiles striking Israel’s Ramon military airbase in the Negev desert.

Ritter insisted Iran attacked Israel in such a way that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could save face while also revealing Tehran’s capabilities if Israel strikes it again. “All those things that were shot down – understand those were designed to be shot down,” he said. “Iran put a program together with the United States that said, ‘we’re going to let you shoot all this stuff down so you feel good. But in the end our good stuff hit the bases, just so you know that we can do that anytime we want, and there’s nothing you can do to stop us.’”