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Iran threatens to close Mediterranean over Gaza : Israel is waging one of this century’s most destructive wars in Gaza


Israel used one of its biggest, most destructive bombs in south Gaza: Report

Israel has used one of its biggest and most destructive bombs in an area designated safe for civilians in southern parts of the war-torn Gaza Strip, a report says.

In an investigative report on Thursday, The New York Times said that the Tel Aviv regime routinely used one of its biggest and most destructive bombs in so-called safe zones in the besieged Palestinian enclave during the first six weeks of its war on Gaza.

The report, supported by an analysis of visual evidence, focused on the use of 2,000-pound bombs in an area in southern Gaza where Israel ordered Gazans to move for safety and promised not to bomb there.

The Times’ research team used an AI tool to examine images taken by satellites of southern parts of Gaza for bomb craters measuring around 40 feet across or larger, with bomb experts saying that typically only 2,000-pound munitions are able to create such big craters in Gaza’s light and sandy soil.

After manually reviewing the satellite imagery as well as drone footage, the researchers managed to identify 208 craters in the densely-populated area. However, they stressed that due to limited satellite imagery and variations in a bomb’s effects, there are likely to have been many cases that were not captured.


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Israel is waging one of this century’s most destructive wars in Gaza.

Israel has carried out its war in Gaza at a pace and level of devastation that likely exceeds any recent conflict, destroying more buildings, in far less time, than were destroyed during the Syrian regime’s battle for Aleppo from 2013 to 2016, WaPo investigation finds.

Nearly twice as many structures were destroyed in northern Gaza in seven weeks as the 4,773 destroyed in Aleppo over three years.

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Iran threatens to close Mediterranean over Gaza, without saying how.

Iranian Revolutionary Guards commander said the Mediterranean Sea could be closed if the United States and its allies continued to commit crimes in Gaza.

“They shall soon await the closure of the Mediterranean Sea, (the Strait of) Gibraltar and other waterways,” Tasnim quoted Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Naqdi, coordinating commander of the Guards, as saying.