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Israel = ISIS :…more massacres and genocides away from the eyes of the press and the world, HAMAS STATEMENT from the Gaza Strip

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“Cutting off communications and the Internet from the Gaza Strip, and escalating the bombardment, by land, sea and air, on residential neighborhoods; It warns of the occupation’s intention to commit more massacres and genocides away from the eyes of the press and the world.

We hold the occupation, Washington, and the Western capitals that supported it fully responsible for the series of heinous massacres and their repercussions.

We call on the Arab and Islamic countries and the international community to take responsibility and take immediate action to stop the crimes and series of massacres against our people.

We call on our people wherever they are in the West Bank, Jerusalem, the 1948 territories, and the diaspora. We also call on the free people of the world to mobilize in support of Gaza and to stop the aggression and war of extermination against civilians.

We affirm that our steadfast Palestinian people will not be intimidated by these fascist policies, and their valiant resistance will not stop revolution and struggle until they repel this barbaric aggression, defeat the occupation from our land and our holy sites, and exercise our right to freedom and self-determination, by establishing the Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, God willing.”

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Doctors Without Borders say they have lost contact with colleagues inside Gaza.

State of Palestine – MFA 🇵🇸🇵🇸
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates// Calls on the entire world for immediate intervention to stop the rapid and dangerous developments in the Israeli occupation war on Gaza Strip

In light of the recent rapid developments in the destructive occupation war on Gaza Strip, especially the cutting off of the communications, the internet, and the unprecedented and continuous shelling, as an indicator of the beginning of ground invasions, the Ministry calls on the entire world to assume its responsibilities and intervene immediately to stop this war, which leads to the deepening of #genocide and the expansion of the Israeli #massacres committed every minute against our people in the Gaza Strip.

Patrick Henningsen

History will show how Israel has perpetrated a holocaust against the native Palestinian population in Gaza.

The level of evil and industrial-scale killing on exhibition – and with the FULL backing of the US, UK and EU – is horrific in the extreme.


Syrian Girl 🇸🇾🎗

Hamas firing ATGM at Zionist terrorist ground invasion

Dan Cohen
Reports says Israeli military incursions on Gaza’s eastern side are met with stiff resistance from the Al-Qassam Brigades and are unable to advance.

The region’s “strongest” military, supported by a superpower, is being matched by concentration camp inmates with rudimentary weapons

Mariam Barghouti مريم البرغوثي

There is a butchery happening.

Coastal areas of Gazs reports that American troops of the Delta unit are fighting on the ground.

The United States is officially a state accomplice in crimes of genocide and ethnic cleansing. Should not be treated in the UN as a normal state.

BREAKING: UN just adopted a resolution calling for an immediate ‘humanitarian truce’ in Gaza.

Remember the countries who voted against and those who abstained.

They are complicit in Israel’s genocide against the people of Gaza.

Oct 24
An Israeli think tank with ties to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a report on October 17 promoting the “unique and rare opportunity” for the “relocation and final settlement of the entire Gaza population.”