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Israel to begin four-hour pauses in northern Gaza, says US

Israel will begin daily four-hour pauses in northern Gaza to allow people to flee fighting in the territory, the White House said.

US National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby said that the first humanitarian pause would be announced Thursday and that the Israelis had committed to announcing each four-hour window at least three hours in advance.

Kirby said the pauses would allow people to get out of harm’s way and for deliveries of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip. He added the breaks in fighting could also be used as a way to get hostages out.

“We’ve been told by the Israelis that there will be no military operations in these areas over the duration of the pause, and that this process is starting today,” Kirby said.

The White House said US President Joe Biden had asked Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to institute the daily pauses during a Monday call.