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Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s potentially “suicidal” calculated decision!

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#Netanyahu knew he’d have #Biden’s backing to strike the Iranian consulate & turn the #Gaza crisis into a #regionalWar

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s potentially “suicidal” calculated decision to strike the Iranian Embassy compound in #Damascus, Syria on April 1 was done to try to save his government from ouster, but may culminate in a regional crisis that dwarfs the Gaza war in both scale and intensity, former senior DoD security policy analyst Michael Maloof has told Sputnik.

“It’s clear that Israel bombed the consulate while Biden was in office, I think knowing it would cause a direct kinetic Iranian reaction that could escalate the war with Gaza into a regional war, and perhaps beyond. This is underscored by the fact the Biden administration said it would support Israel should Iran escalate,” Maloof said.

“Netanyahu clearly calculated he had a limited window to act with the ultimate goal to bring Iran directly into the conflict, having the US military to back his efforts. It also was a response to calls by his more radical, rabid ministers to ‘cut off the head of the snake’ – Iran – or they’d bring down his government, making Netanyahu lose power and expose him to legal criminal charges at home,” he added.

“This amounts to political suicide not just for Netanyahu knowing he has the support of a majority of the Israeli people in his war effort, but Israel itself,” the analyst warned.