JOY AND SORROW…BY-Farooque Rasheed Farooquee

Farooque Rasheed Farooquee
Everyone has to experience the moments of joy and sorrow. Joy and sorrow are interwoven. There’s a deep relation between joy and sorrow. When one is with you the other one is waiting for you. What an interesting situation is that we are sad because we are deprived of happiness joy or pleasure. The desire of joy is the reason for sadness.

Sometimes we experience joy and sorrow simultaneously, happy for something and sad for something else at the same time. Strong personalities are not much influenced because of pleasure or sadness. We should have patience during the painful moments and our behaviour should be normal and peaceful during happy moments. We should remember The Almighty in both the situations. The balance of mind is very important at every turn of life because one who swells in prosperity will shrink in adversity. Friends! I wish you much happiness throughout your life. If you feel sad or suffer from painful moments be sure that happiness is waiting for you. Behind the cloud you can see the silver linings of the Sun.