Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah on his ‘no more hijab ban’ remarks, ”We haven’t done it (revoking the hijab ban) yet”

Press Trust of India

“We haven’t done it (revoking the hijab ban) yet. Someone asked me a question (on revoking hijab ban), I replied that the government is contemplating to revoke it,” says Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah on his ‘no more hijab ban’ remarks in a reply to media queries yesterday.

Asaduddin Owaisi
It has been over 6 months since you came to power. What is there to “contemplate” in whether Muslim girls should have a right to education or not? Thanks to
for clarifying that the hijab ban still continues to be enforced by “secular” Congress govt. The Muslims who voted for you must be very happy.

I thank AICC President Shri Mallikarjun
for appointing me as a member of the Congress Party’s Manifesto Drafting Committee for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Today, people across the country recognize our government’s ‘Karnataka Model’ of governance as a non-partisan benchmark. Being given the opportunity in the manifesto drafting is an honor I perceive as AICC’s recognition of this ‘Karnataka Model of Governance’.

A party’s manifesto is not just a list of promises to the voters; it is a commitment we make to the people and implementing it is the true essence of governance. Our previous government had implemented more than 95% of the promises in the manifesto, providing equal opportunity and balanced development, thereby earning the trust of the people. The current government is also advancing on the same path. I hope that in the coming days, the people of the country will also benefit from the advantages of the Karnataka Model of Governance.

I am thankful to the senior leaders of the party, Smt Sonia Gandhi and Shri
, for supporting all my welfare and infrastructure initiatives.

Teesta Setalvad
Read this ” On Hijab ban in the state, Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah says “We will take back that decision, there is no Hijab ban now. Women can go out wearing hijab. I have told the officials to take back the order (previous govt order). Dressing and eating food is our choice, why should I object? Wear whatever dress you want, eat whatever you want, why should I care. We should not do politics to get votes, we don’t do that” (ANI/rediff.com)