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Key statements by Kremlin spokesman #DmitryPeskov

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Key statements by Kremlin spokesman #DmitryPeskov in an interview with a Russian newspaper:

▪️ “The #US pressures countries that try to continue cooperation with #Russia & do not shy away from threats or blackmail.
▪️All types of integration in the post-Soviet space are workable, their potential is still far from being fully realized.
▪️Russia is sympathetic to those countries that are finding it difficult to cope with US pressure and defend their independence.
▪️The US is desperately trying to hold on to the world Olympus, but it has problems in almost all directions — it does not keep regional conflicts at bay.
▪️ International sport has been held hostage to political squabbles; this will have devastating consequences.
▪️The International Olympic Committee (IOC) does not talk to Russian sports authorities, there are practically no contacts.
▪️ The decision of Russian athletes to go to the Olympic Games should be treated with respect.”