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Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas confirms he will not be meeting Biden and says ”No Nakba in the 21st century”

Abbas confirms he will not be meeting Biden in Amman and says that “given the massacre that took place tonight” he decided to return to the occupied West Bank and be with his people.

Abbas added that the Palestinians would not accept another Nakba in the 21st century and that they will not move, or surrender.

“We will not leave our homeland nor allow anyone to expel us from there,” Abbas added.


Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas:

“The Israeli attack on the Gaza Hospital is an unforgivable crime… We won’t accept a new Nakba, neither would we accept other solution than ending the war on Gaza immediately… We will not leave our land and we will not allow anyone to deport us as happened in the past. Our people will not kneel, will not surrender, and will win.”


PA President Abbas speaking
Abbas is now speaking, saying that Israel’s government has “no red lines” and that targeting the aA-Ahli Hospital is a “hideous war crime”.

Can the US ‘keep in check’ the Israel-Gaza war?
Failure to meet senior Palestinian officials while meeting Israelis on their soil may undermine Biden’s diplomatic message. His hands could also be tied after the deadly Gaza attack, analysts say.

“This sort of murky but horrific event makes diplomacy harder and increases escalation risks,” said Richard Gowan, the UN director at International Crisis Group. “Biden’s visit was meant to underline that the US has a grip on the situation. A tragic incident like this shows how hard it is to keep the war in check.”

More than 70 religious and activist groups, led by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, called on Biden to demand a ceasefire in Gaza during his visit to Israel.