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Pentagon – will deploy 2,000 troops to Israel

The Pentagon – if need be – will deploy virtually 2,000 troops to Israel to assist the occupying regime with its war on the totally besieged Gaza Strip, the Wall Street Journal says.

The troops, currently stationed in West Asia and Europe, are not expected to serve in combat roles, the Journal cited US military officials.

The boots on the ground are said to be tasked with providing advisory and medical support only.

The specifics – the where and when of the deployment – remain unclear.

The report comes after the Pentagon said it was moving another carrier group to the Mediterranean.

The USS Dwight D. Eisenhower strike group — a combined force of more than 5,000 sailors — will join the USS Gerald R. Ford, which arrived off the coast of Israel last week, it said.

The regime’s great benefactor mulls wartime military assistance to Israel at a time when over 2,800 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli bombardments since October 7.

At the White House, President Joe Biden has said he would support Israel by giving them “everything they need.”

Virtually 10,000 Palestinians have also been injured in the Israeli onslaught. Hospitals in Gaza are running vitally low on medicines and equipment. People in Gaza face an acute shortage of water, fuel and power due to the Israeli savagery.

Yet “I guarantee we’re gonna provide them everything they need” has been the blatant remark uttered by Joe Biden on Sunday.

On Friday, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said munitions, air defense capabilities and other equipment and resources were “rapidly flowing” to Israel.

Operation Al-Aqsa Storm by the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas against Israel on October 7 has been without precedent in scale. The regime ignited its child-killing war machine when it found itself taken aback by the glorious operation, which was in response to the never-ending violation of Palestinian rights in the occupied territories.