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President Mahmoud Abbas vows to prevent Israel from carrying out another #nakba against the Palestinian people

RAMALLAH, Saturday, December 2, 2023 (WAFA) — President Mahmoud Abbas affirmed tonight that the people and leadership of Palestine will not surrender to the prevailing circumstances, nor will they allow another exodus similar to that of the 1948 Nakba, no matter the challenges or sacrifices.

Addressing a meeting of the Palestinian leadership at the presidential headquarters in Ramallah, the President declared, “We will not kneel, nor surrender to the prevailing circumstances. We will not allow the recurrence of the Nakba of 1948, no matter the challenges or sacrifices.”

Meantime, President Abbas held the United States responsible for failing to compel the Israeli government to cease its aggression against the Palestinian people.

“Enough is enough with this fascist [Israeli] government. There is no longer any room for further tolerance. If the international community does not take the initiative to intervene positively and effectively, matters will reach a point that cannot be treated or dealt with,” warned President Abbas.

Addressing the national priorities, President Abbas emphasized the need to immediately and permanently halt the ongoing Israeli aggression. He stressed the importance of ensuring the entry of desperately needed humanitarian aid into Gaza, and countering the displacement conspiracy targeting the Palestinian people.

The President also affirmed that the Palestinian people will continue the struggle for freedom, independence from occupation, and the realization of an independent State of Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital, in accordance with international legitimacy, in addition to solving the refugee issue based on UNSC resolution 194.

President Abbas reiterated that Gaza is an integral part of the Palestinian state, emphasizing that “any political solution must encompass the entirety of Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital.”

He dismissed security and military solutions, asserting that recognition of Palestinian rights and the establishment of a sovereign Palestinian state, with full UN membership, are the only paths to security, peace, and stability.

The President mentioned his meeting earlier today with Karim Khan, the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, at the former’s office in Ramallah, during which he urged the ICC Prosecutor to expedite the trial of Israeli war criminals for the crimes committed and ongoing against our people in Gaza, the West Bank, and Jerusalem.

President Abbas reiterated that the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) is the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people. In the face of the challenging historical circumstances, he called for unity, urging collective efforts to achieve legitimate national goals.

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President Mahmoud Abbas vows to prevent Israel from carrying out another #nakba against the Palestinian people during a leadership meeting in Ramallah, adding that #Gaza is an integral part of the Palestinian state (Wafa)