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Report of the deaths in Gaza، Israil Killed 3000 children, 35 Palestinian Journalists, 57 UN Staffers…

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The Daily Flood: Impact Analysis of Israel/Palestine [29.10.23]

1️⃣ 📡@elonmusk
says that he will “do a security check with both the US and Israeli government” before providing Starlink to International aid organizations in Gaza.

Elon has agreed to provide Starlink due, in part, to the ongoing Social Media Campaign #StarlinkForGaza pushed by @jacksonhinklle
to provide vital communication services. Gaza was put under a complete internet blackout on Saturday.

Internet access has since partially returned to Gaza, though in a severely restricted capacity after IOF bombarded all international cables in Gaza, leaving 2M Palestinians unable to even call emergency services.

🇵🇸🤝🇹🇷 🚫🇮🇱 Following the successful campaign, Jackson Hinkle is now pushing the hashtag #NoOilForIsrael in order to pressure Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan @RTErdogan
to embargo the country.

2️⃣📊Reports of the death toll in Gaza have surpassed 8000, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, skyrocketing by 1000 deaths over the past 48 hours. So far over the course of the ongoing massacre in Gaza, Israel has:

💥Killed 3000 children
💥Killed 35 Palestinian Journalists (as well as many of their family members)
💥Killed 57 UN Staffers
💥Forcibly displaced 1.4 million people in Gaza, more than half the population.
💥Dropped more than 12,000 tons of explosives (equivalent to the bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima). This does not take into account the ruthless air raids which took place during the internet blackout in Gaza over the weekend — the worst since Oct. 7th, where Israel dropped 1000 tons of explosives that same weekend alone.

3️⃣📰A statement was issued by the PFLP (resistance fighters in Gaza) detailing the horrific testimonies about the crimes committed inside Israeli prisons against prisoners and detainees in its jails. Over the course of the war, IOF have arrested more than 5000 Palestinians in the West Bank.

The information and data received by the PFLP from inside zionist prisons confirmed a systematic decision to assassinate prisoners, carried out by the prison administration.

In addition, they say, to the adoption of a starvation policy against them, as the prisoners only have tuna, corn, and sometimes inedible eggs as food.

Israeli media sources, such as @hagar_shezaf
, had also independently confirmed brutal acts of torture against detainees in Hebrew newspapers like Haaretz.

4️⃣🕵️ An exclusive investigation published by @EekadFacts
,an Arabic OSINT group, reveals that tens of thousands of Israeli bot accounts are being used as “integral pieces of a coordinated effort designed to artificially shape a narrative of Moroccan backing for Israel.”

The investigation is part of an ongoing series uncovering secret operations of bot farms manipulating Arab discourse. These Moroccan bots have apparently been repurposed from Saudi-affiliated accounts which surged in use after the start of Operation Al-Aqsa Flood to tilt online discussion in Israel’s favor.