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Russia lost about 450,000 soldiers in the war in Ukraine : Britain estimates

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Russia lost about 450,000 soldiers in the war in Ukraine, Britain estimates.

Russia has about 450,000 killed or wounded personnel in the war in Ukraine, while the exact number of liquidated Russian soldiers who served in private companies is unknown.

Also, according to Britain’s estimates:

— More than 10,000 Russian armored vehicles, including about 3,000 main battle tanks;
— 109 aircraft;
— 136 helicopters;
— 346 unmanned aerial vehicles;
— 23 ships of all classes;
— over 1,500 artillery systems of all types were destroyed.

Clash Report
Germany is categorically against plans to seize frozen Russian assets for reconstruction and military support of Ukraine, WSJ reports.

German authorities believe that frozen Russian assets should be left intact in order to use them as leverage in negotiations to end the war and induce the Russian Federation to cede part of the Ukrainian territory it occupied.

Another reason for Berlin’s refusal could be that it protects German companies that still operate in Russia from retaliation.

In addition, “this could set a precedent and provoke new lawsuits against Germany for crimes during the Second World War.”